The Tree of Happiness

In every culture, the tree has always been a vital element of life, safety and generosity – the plenty of creation and protection in the future.
Gold is the colour of spirituality; gold is the colour of light; gold is the colour of splendour.

Angelo Cruciani, through his installation, The Tree of Happiness, invites the viewer to a destination, a place which blooms with desires, where fantasies are realised and dreams come true.

Happiness is a choice in life and it accompanies every step of human nature. That is why its symbol is the tree; a shrub from which you can capture life – its vices, its lightness and, above all, its abundance.

The installation is designed to generate and attract luck and hope, the symbols of which will invite anyone to find a shelter under its branches and the energy to realise every magical dream and be happy.

Angelo Cruciani is a creative personality who works across two worlds – China and Italy – and with two passions – fashion and art. Over the course of his double career, Angelo has undertaken various training and expressive experiences. HIs career in fashion began first as a model in 1994, and then in 1997 as a designer, working as a creative with many companies including Energie Phard, Miss Sixty, Piero Guidi, Refrigiwear, Murphy & Nye. Angelo then focused on more personal collections including Misael and Beauvillon and his YEZAEL collection, which is enjoying huge international success.

As an artist, he began painting in the street in 2006 and his exhibitions have been supported by Amnesty International, Mibac and many other institutions. Among his most famous and popular shows are Save Your Angel, Apokalypse, Third Renaissance and LOVVISM.

Since 2012, Angelo has created works that use the heart as a symbol, leading him to express himself in an unconventional way – from installations of land art to urban contamination. He has used flash mobs for years, which see thousands of people creating rivers of love and support for causes relating to feelings.