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General terms and conditions for use of the site

This website, www.fidenzavillage.com (“our Website”) is managed by Value Retail Management (Fidenza Village) S.r.l. (Companies Register and VAT number 0371780962), headquartered in Fidenza, Via San Michele Campagna, Località Chiusa Ferranda – 43036 - Fidenza (Parma), Italy, (“We/Us”).

We provide you with this Website, and allow you to access and use the same subject to all the applicable laws and regulations in force from time to time, and to the General Terms and Conditions (the "T&Cs”). We therefore ask you to read these T&Cs carefully. If you are unable to access the T&Cs online, on request we will provide you with a copy of the latest version by email. If you do not agree or consider that you cannot accept these T&Cs, please do not use our Website. On the contrary, if you do use our Website, this shows that you implicitly accept these T&Cs which will therefore be binding upon you.

These T&Cs may be amended at any time. Any amendment made to these T&Cs will be shown on our Website. Please ensure that you regularly visit our Website to check this page, as if you continue to use our Website after amendments have been made to these T&Cs, this represents implicit acceptance of the same, and that you will be bound by them.

1. Privacy

By using our Website, you acknowledge and confirm that you have read and understood the terms of our Privacy policy, that you agree with the same, and that you consent to the processing of your details by Us, as provided for in our Privacy policy.

2. Availability of Website; defects

Access and use of our Website is only provided temporarily. Our Website may not always be available and it may be subject to temporary or permanent interruption.

We have no obligation to update the information contained on our Website. We reserve the right to modify, delete, edit, suspend or interrupt our Website or any part of the same either temporarily or permanently, and/or any information, material, product or service (or any part(s)) of the same that may be available on our Website or through it, with or without prior notice.

Our Website is provided "as is" and "as available", according to the full extent permitted by laws in force from time to time, without any form of guarantee, condition or authorisation.

3. Ownership

Unless indicated otherwise, our Website, including its design, text and content and any other material or content related to it, is protected by copyright laws and by laws on intellectual property, and by any other laws on the same subject that may be in force from time to time. We are the proprietors and/or licensees of all the intellectual property rights and other ownership rights that are present on, belong to, or relate to our Website. All the related rights are reserved.

Publication on our Website does not constitute a waiver of any right on or related to our Website. With the exception of what has expressly been permitted in these T&Cs, you shall not acquire any rights, interests or entitlement to our Website.

4. Your use of our Website

We hereby grant you a limited right of access and use on our Website, for personal purposes. However, you are not authorised to: alter or modify our Website or any service contained on the same, reproduce, modify, duplicate, copy, sell, retransmit, distribute or otherwise exploit our Website including any of its content for commercial purposes without having obtained our prior consent and permission; you are not authorised to make any collection of products, descriptions or prices contained on the Website. You are not authorised to make any derived use of our Website or of its contents, nor are you authorised to download or copy information the benefit of another business enterprise or to use data taken from our Website or automata or similar data harvesting tools.

You may print off a reasonable number of copies and you may download extracts from each page or pages of our Website. However, you may not modify the printouts or digital copies you have taken or downloaded in any way, and you may not use illustrations, photographs, video or audio sequences or any other graphics separately from the accompanying text.

You may not misuse our Website by introducing viruses or other materials that are or could be harmful to its proper technical functioning; you must not attempt unauthorised access to our Website or attack it through means such as a denial of service or attempted denial of service. If you do carry out any such action, we will report you to the competent authorities.

You hereby agree not to access or use any material sent by other users, or other content made available on our Website, through any technological means other than the pages of our Website or any other means that We may expressly identify for such purposes.

You agree not to evade or attempt to evade, disable or interfere with any function pertaining to the security of our Website or any function that is intended to (i) prevent or restrict the use or copying of materials transmitted by other users or content present on the Website, or (ii) impose limitations on the use of our Website or on content accessible through our Website. Access to or use of our Website (or information, materials, products or services present on our Website) may be prohibited by law in certain countries and jurisdictions. You are responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations in the country from which you are accessing our Website. We provide no guarantee whatsoever in relation to the fact that our Website (or the information, materials, products and/or services present on the same) are appropriate and available for use in other places or other countries outside of Italy.

We may suspend or terminate your access to our Website (or to parts of it) at any time if we consider that you are using it in a way that conflicts with or is not consistent with these T&Cs, and if you download, print or copy any part of our website in a way that violates these T&Cs. In such cases you must, at our sole discretion, return or destroy all copies of any materials you have printed, produced or downloaded.

5. Registration and Security

From time to time we may limit the access to our website (of the parts of it) by users who have registered with us.

If you register on our Website in order to access private areas (such as registering with our members' club or other interactive areas), you are registering as a user of our Website. The private areas can be accessed by entering a user ID and password, or any other piece of information that may be required as part of our security procedures. You are allowed to access the private areas on our Website provided that:

You are 18 years of age at the time of registration; you keep your user ID and password confidential; you must not disclose your password to anyone, or allow anyone use it to access our Website; all the details provided by you must be accurate; you must not illegally create other user registrations in order to abuse the Website or other users; you must not pass yourself off as another user; you must not share your password or allow anyone to access the Website using your account, and/or you must not do anything that could jeopardise the security of your account; you must not provide false personal details on our Website, and/or you must not create an account for anyone else without permission; you must not transfer your account to anyone else without first asking for permission in writing. You may access and update your personal details in the "Membership" area on the Website.

If, for any reason, we believe that you have not observed or adhered to these T&Cs, we may, at any time, at our sole discretion, deactivate your user ID or password and prevent you from accessing the website.

6. Interactive area

These T&Cs govern our commercial relations with users and/or anyone else interacting with our Website. By using or accessing the interactive areas (chat forums, notice boards, picture galleries and other forms of social network) on our Website, you agree to observe and adhere to these T&Cs.

In particular, we allow you to access and use the interactive areas on our Website provided that: you do not send or otherwise publish unauthorised commercial communications (spamming); you do not collect content or information from other users or otherwise access our Website by using automatic means such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders or scrapers, without permission; you do not carry out illegal multilevel marketing campaigns such as pyramid schemes; you do not upload and/or distribute viruses and other malware; you do not request login or access details from another person's account; you do not threaten, intimidate or harass any user; you do not publish content that is depraved, pornographic, deplorable or of poor taste, or any content depicting scenes of nudity or gratuitous violence; you do not develop or produce any third-party application that contains or advertises alcohol or any other adult material without the appropriate restrictions for children; you do not offer any competition or promotion on our Website without prior written authorisation. If we agree, you will be fully responsible for any promotional competition you promote and you must observe all the applicable laws in force, in that regard; you shall not use our website for depraved, illicit, damaging or discriminatory purposes; you shall not encourage or support any violation or breach of these T&Cs.

7. Description of Products and/or Services and other information

Nothing on our Website constitutes an offer of purchase or sale of products and/or services in any country. Our Website is for information purposes only. All details, descriptions, prices and other information relating to products and/or services appearing on our Website are generic in nature. We do not guarantee that any product or service that is or may be present on our Website, is or will be available in stock in the Village at the time you want to purchase it.

We take reasonable care to ensure that the information on our Website is accurate and truthful at the time it was uploaded to the Website; however, it may be inaccurate, incomplete and subject to change. We therefore recommend that you check the information about the individual retail outlets with the outlets themselves, and if information relates to our products or services, directly with Us. In any event we shall not be held liable for any loss or damage you may suffer due to having relied on the information available on our Website.

8. Uploading of content

Users on our Website may publish comments, content and other materials in various areas of the Website including the forum, noticeboard, photo gallery and other interactive areas. However, we do not approve, support, endorse, encourage, agree with or penalised any content, comments or materials sent by users and published by Us. We do not investigate, check or verify the truthfulness or completeness of such content or comments, nor their conformity with laws in force. Therefore we decline all liability with regard to such content, comments or material.

If you publish content, comments or other materials (including photos) for publication in any area of our Website:

You give us a non-exclusive, free of charge, indeterminate, global licence for the reproduction, publication, republication, transmission and circulation (and you also give us the right to allow others to use, reproduce, publish, republish, transmit and circulate) such content, comments or material in any format, also as hard copies or in digital format; you agree not to upload or submit content or materials that belongs to a third party (including confidentiality and/or advertising rights) unless you have a user licence or have obtained permission from the legitimate owner of such rights to send the material, and you grant us the licence indicated in the preceding paragraph; you agree not to upload content, comments or materials that conflicts with the law, is deplorable, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane or that could encourage or represent conduct that may be considered or could constitute a criminal offence or a violation of any law, and you agree not to publish any kind of material that could deliberately disturb the other uses; you shall not be paid for the content, comments or material published; you guarantee that the contents, comments or materials referred to above are the result of your own work and that you own the copyright, and any other rights related to the same; if the material is photographic or graphic you must have obtained permission or otherwise have received authorisation from the individuals depicted in the photograph and/or graphics in which such individuals can be clearly identified, and we shall publish your name alongside any photograph or materials did by you; however we reserve the right to edit or delete any comment that you transmit with said material. The publication of any content, comments or material that includes photographs and/or graphic materials submitted or published by you shall be at our sole discretion. We may make changes or deletions to the text or graphics (including the editing of photographs and graphic materials) and we may refuse, suspend, terminate or otherwise remove the publication of such content, comments and material.

With the exception of personal information (which will be processed in accordance with the regulations governing our Privacy policy), any materials you send will be treated as non-confidential and non-private. Therefore you agree to accept sole responsibility for any violation of your obligations deriving from these T&Cs, and for any consequence violation. You hereby agree to indemnify us in respect of any third-party claims and in respect of any complaints, actions, costs, losses or damage we may incur as a consequence of any content, comments or materials published or submitted by you.

9. Competitions

From time to time we may publish and advertise competitions on our Website. The competitions will be subject to specific terms and rules. Therefore you are kindly asked to carefully read the terms and rules of any competition you participate in, as you will be deemed to have accepted, and will therefore be bound by the terms, conditions and rules applicable to the competitions from the time you take part in them.

10. Third-party websites

Our Website may contain links or connections to other websites that operate through persons and entities with no links whatsoever to Us (" Third-Party Websites"). These links are only provided for the purposes of giving further information.

The presence or inclusion on our Website of links to Third-Party Website does not mean that we approve, endorse or accept any form of responsibility for such websites or their content, use, or the use of products or services available through them. We have not investigated, monitored or checked the Third Party Website as to their accuracy, completeness, observance and compliance with current laws and regulations. Therefore we decline all liability for any loss or damage deriving from your use or reliance on the Third Party Websites; therefore, you use those Websites at your sole risk and peril. All the terms, conditions and policies on the Third Party Websites visited by you will be applied to you and you must check them appropriately.

We have entered into agreements with partner businesses who may offer products or services on the Third Party Website connected to ours, who are authorised to use our brand or who indicate an association or connection to Us, such as the Fidenza Village Gift Card. By linking to any of the Third Party Websites they may be framed through our Website or have our brand, and appear as part of our Website. We therefore ask you to be aware of the fact that these products and services are offered by another company. Although these businesses are carefully selected, we are not responsible for the products and services they offer or sell, and in any case you must check their terms and conditions as well as any other product or service offered to you by them.

11. Links and addresses on our Website

You may create a link or connection on our Website from another site or from another document without our prior written consent, provided that such links (i) do not create a frame or other window or edge around the content of our Website, (ii) do not imply that we approve your products or services or any other product or services available through the website to which you have entered a link on our Website; (iii) do not show any brand(s) on our Website without permission and/or without the permission of the owner of the brand(s); iv) are not placed on a website that contains illegal, deplorable, damaging, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or profane content all that constitutes or encourages conduct that could be subject to prosecution under criminal law, or considered a violation of the law, and that may represent us and our staff, the companies we work with (or their products and services) in a false, misleading, unfavourable or offensive light.

You are solely responsible for the website to which you enter a link with our Website, and for any representation or impression created in relation to Us or to our Website. You also have sole responsibility for bringing these T&Cs to the attention of the persons accessing our Website through your link. We may remove any link created by you on our Website from another site a document that violates these rules.

12. Limitation of liability

We, on our own behalf and on behalf of any companies affiliated to us, decline all liability (contractual or tortious) deriving from or connected to the access or use of our Website or with any other website with which it is linked, to the maximum permitted by the laws and regulations applicable, in respect of any of the following losses:

Losses caused by unavailability of the Website, or technical defects on it; loss of information; loss caused by absence of the service, viruses and other malware; loss of income, profits or savings; losses deriving from cause not attributable to us, which are beyond our reasonable control and could not be foreseen. In any case our maximum liability (both contractual and tortious) and the liability of our affiliated companies deriving from or connected to the access and use of our Website or of any other website with which our site is linked, shall not exceed the sum paid by you for accessing our Website unless established otherwise by laws currently in force. By accessing our Website you confirm that all the limitations and exclusions of liability in these T&Cs are fair and reasonable.

13. Indemnity

You shall indemnify Us and our associated or affiliated companies in respect of any complaint, grievance, expense or claim the compensation related to your failure to comply with these T&Cs.

14. Governing Law and Forum

Our Website is controlled and operated by our offices in England. These T&Cs and all matters deriving from or related to the same and/or to this Website shall be subject to the laws of Italy. Any disputes that may derive from or be related to this Website shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Court of Milan in Italy, or otherwise any other venue deemed competent to rule, pursuant to the applicable Italian laws.

15. Miscellaneous

These T&Cs contain the general principles of conduct between you and us in relation to the use of this Website. No representation, declaration or oral or written information (as updated from time to time) that is not contained in these T&Cs will be binding on you or against you.

Each clause of these T&Cs is independent and separate. Should any clause of these T&Cs be or become illegal, invalid or unenforceable under the provisions of laws in force from time to time, the clause in question shall be amended and interpreted in a way that fulfils the purposes of the original clause, up to the maximum extent permitted by law. The other clauses of these T&Cs shall remain in full force and effect.

16. Claims and complaints

It is materially impossible for us to have knowledge of the contents of all the comments or reviews viewed, the information, materials, products and services made available through our Website, or any part of it. We operate on a "news and entries" basis. If you consider that any comment, review, material, product or service available on our Website or on any part of it contains defamatory content, please inform us immediately in writing, by contacting our Legal office: Fidenza Village, Via San Michele di Campagana, Località Chiusa Ferranda- 43036 Fidenza (Parma), Italy, or by email to legal@fidenzavillage.com. When we receive your letter we will promptly make all reasonable efforts to remove the defamatory content in question.

If you have questions or complaints about the terms and conditions or any other matters related to this Website you can contact us in writing at the Legal Department, Fidenza Village, Via San Michele di Campagana, Località Chiusa Ferranda- 43036 Fidenza (Parma), Italy, or by email, at legal@fidenzavillage.com.


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