Calvin Klein watches + jewelry

Calvin Klein Watch & Jewelry Co. Ltd. is one of the rare ambassadors of the Swiss watch industry in the fashion segment. In 1997, Calvin Klein and the Swatch Group merged their formidable talents to create, what is known as today, Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry. The clean, contemporary, graphic lines of watches such as ckdress struck a chord with the public, and the new, inimitable "watch as fashion accessory" was born. Today, more than 200 different Swiss made designs for both men and women are on the shelves in over 80 nations. Launched in 2004,ckjewelry features clean lines and the characteristic curved metal surfaces that make for a sexy but simple design aesthetic.

“Absolute, contemporary
The US designer Calvin Klein and the Swatch Group pooled their formidable talent in 1997 to create cK watch, a watch brand with graphic lines that are striking, refined and contemporary. A new and inimitable type of watch was born –the fashion accessory watch. Today, over 200 different Swiss-made models designed for men as well as women adorn storefronts in more than 60 countries.
The geometrical creations of 1997 have given way to lines that are more fluid, organic, sensual and integrated; a reflection of the current trend. A rare ambassador of the Swiss watchmaking industry in the fashion segment, ckCalvin Klein remains its international leader, partly due to a strategic approach to pricing made possible by the Swatch Group.
The brand rose admirably to a new challenge in 2004, when the teams at the company’s headquarters in Bienne and New York launched a jewelry collection named ckCalvin Klein jewelry. By taking everyday life and the world as their source of inspiration, they wholeheartedly embraced this accompaniment to watchmaking creations. Success was immediate.
Today, the brand is forging ahead, characterized by its essential sexy image that translates refined lines and numerous metal surfaces into sensual curves."