Carlo Pazolini

CARLO PAZOLINI is one of the world leaders in making and selling shoes and accessories in the accessible luxury segment of the market. The Brand was founded in 1991.

More than 250 CARLO PAZOLINI Brand boutiques are located in 11 countries in whole– Russia, Italy, the USA, the UK, China, Greece, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Moldova.

The Company markets its products under the names CARLO PAZOLINI® and CARLO PAZOLINI COUTURE®. The Company’s manufacturing is concentrated in Italy, China, and Spain.

CARLO PAZOLINI boutiques offer seasonal collections of shoes and bags, scarves, umbrellas, belts, and wallets, as well as the Company’s own line of shoe-care products, and fragrances.

An international brand with an Italian accent, CARLO PAZOLINI embodies the spirit of excited elegance and allure in its refined shoes and brilliant accessories.
From the moment it was created, the Brand has been constantly moving forward to meet its clients’ expectations.

CARLO PAZOLINI shoes and accessories are distinguished by their high quality and unique design, combining the classic with current international trends, precision, and European chic.