Chiara Maci, a member of Associazione Italiana Sommelier and blogger and has selected the best dishes for active people from the restaurants in the Village.

About Chiara: Born in Campania, adopted by Bologna and now resident in Milan for business, Chiara is a 33-year-old mother who is currently a consultant for food and beverage companies, and the face of television programme, Cuochi e Fiamme (Chefs and Flames) on La7 and La7d. She is also the star of Chiara Maci #VitaDafoodblogger on FoxLife and her social networks receive almost one million visitors every day.

Parma Menù
Smoothies – concentrated vitamins, freshness and goodness. The taste that you love, which is low in calories and still healthy.

The easy choice is a concentrated protein that is seasoned as you like it. When the meat is good, it is a nutritious and tasty dish on its own.

Wholewheat spaghetti with artichokes, lemon zest and mullet. A perfect balance of taste, the wholewheat pasta is a great choice for those enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle.

I due Gatti
This dish is perfect for those who want excellent flavour but at the same time want to keep in shape without the heaviness.

Tasty and nutritious, and at the same time very light. The sprouts are rich in nutritious vitamins and minerals. Tuna and anchovies elevate the dish and make it even more healthy.




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