alk us through your career and any upcoming projects you’re excited about at the moment?

After graduating in Philosophy in Milan I moved to London and got my MA at Central Saint Martins in Fashion Communication with promotion. While studying in London I was working as a freelance fashion stylist assistant and I co-founded Bookalook, the online digital showroom that helps brands and PR agencies managing their samples trafficking in reliable and efficient way while also allowing stylists and media professional to browse and request fashion samples for their shoots. We officially launched in June and I’m dedicating all of my energies to it!

What time do you usually wake up and do you have any morning rituals to set the day off on the right foot?

I wake up at 8 am and I usually do a couple of sun salutations to stretch and start the day off right!

Once at your desk, what do you kick start your working day?

First thing first I take my magnesium. I always keep it on my desk. It’s of great help when it comes to reducing stress and fatigue. 

Breakfast and morning drink of choice? I am a coffee addict. Strictly Moka. But sometimes I ditch it for a much healthier cup of macha green tea. I also always have a carrot, ginger, organge and apple pressed juice!

What’s your go-to work outfit of the season?

White jeans, Silk loose shirt and sandals.

What do you get up to during your lunch break and where are some of your favourite spots in the city to dine?

One of my favourite spot for lunch (but also breakfast) is Sissi, in Piazza Risorgimento. Milan has plenty of great places to dine, some of my favorites are: Langosteria Bistrot, Yoshi, Drogherie Milanesi and Gong.

Do you have any creative pick me ups to get you into the work zone? E.g. a specific piece of music, maybe a magazine you love to read etc.

When I can I work with music in the background. I have a ‘Work time’ playlist on Spotify which is just perfect to focus!

 Any advice for people wanting to start a career in fashion?

Have a vision and keep on going without ever letting it go.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?


I have received many from the people I met in my journey so far. Every piece of advice is valuable, especially your mum’s!

Talk us through a typical afternoon?

Work work work. I often go around the city for my Bookalook meetings and I stop by when I find inspiring places to snap some pictures!

Are you a weekday social butterfly – if so what do you have scheduled for the week ahead? If you’re more into relaxing me-time , talk us though your perfect evening?

I do enjoy being alone after a long day, have a bubble bath, a glass of wine and dinner with the people I love. The perfect evening does include an aperitivo with friends at Bar Luce!

What time do you go to sleep and can you share any bedtime beauty routines?

I try to switch off the lights by midnight but not always manage if I have some work. If not I watch an episode of my favourite Netflix serie of the moment (I’m really into Designated Survivor at the moment!) In terms of beauty routine I have 3 must do steps: Laura Mercier body cream, Eos lip balm and hand cream.


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