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Discover breathing, meditation and yoga practices to use every day for the holistic well-being of both body and mind.


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Breath is life: it brings oxygen to the whole body and conscious breathing increases lung capacity and concentration and reduces stress. Sometimes we unconsciously hold our breath and slip into apnea – the cessation of breathing. To find awareness of our breath once again is to return to ourselves, to find our centre again. As apnea is a freezing of the diaphragm, it can be released by returning to a focus on abdominal breathing. Breathing with the abdomen, more deeply, brings us back to a state of quiet, presence and tranquillity.



People sometimes feel that to meditate you need a lot of free time and complete silence, because the presence of noise, without focus, can make us feel distant and lost. However, meditation techniques can actually help us to rediscover concentration, creating a shield to protect from external noise and bringing attention to the present moment. A simple exercise to help you retain awareness, without allowing the noise around you to interfere with your emotional state, is to concentrate on your breathing. In particular, bring your awareness to the area between your upper lip and nostrils, focusing on the air that enters and exits the nose.



The practice of yoga involves not only complex poses on a mat, but also small exercises. It only takes a few minutes to do some exercises that can adjust posture, release tension and make the body feel healthier and more agile. In contemporary life, as we spend a large amount of time on smartphones and computers, we often suffer from back pain. But a simple exercise can help us to prevent and overcome this pain. Sitting in your chair, stretch your chest forward and extend your arms back, bringing your shoulder blades together, closer to the middle of your back. For a counterpose to balance out this movement, bend forward, rounding your shoulders. Repeat at least once an hour.