Born in 1980 in Dakar, Senegal, fashion photographer and prolific artist Omar Victor Diop left a career in corporate communications at the age of 30 to pursue his passion for art and photography, where he soon found international success.

With a body of work that spans fine art, fashion photography and self-portraiture, Diop has mastered mixed media – fusing photography with costume styling, graphic design and, at times, creative writing – to create a range of work that radiates energy and reflects the past and present.

Drawing inspiration from the African diaspora, Diop’s vibrant work manages to explore the rich history of the African people, while simultaneously offering a fresh take on the realities of contemporary African life.

From ‘The Studio of Vanities’ – a series of staged portraits showing new faces of art and culture in urban Africa – to the recent ‘Diaspora’ – self-portraits celebrating unsung African heroes from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century – Omar’s work has landed him global acclaim and collaborations with luxury brands such as Lancel and Louis Vuitton, and secured him press coverage by CNN, The New York Times, Paris Photo and, most recently, National Geographic magazine.

Diop’s portraits have been displayed globally: from New York’s MoMa (the Museum of Modern Art) to the prestigious Palácio Cadaval in Portugal.