The installations in boutique

Style Notes

Designed by architect Massimiliano Locatelli, the boutique’s layout is inspired by a classic Italian Renaissance piazza: a place where people meet and ideas flourish. Furnishings designed by Locatelli include pieces crafted from recycled plastic bottles, while the multicoloured crochet artwork adorning the boutique’s ceiling – an arresting piece designed by Submarina Estudio – is similarly woven from recycled plastic ‘fibres’. These are complemented by a spectacular installation created by artist Arsenio Rodriguez: a ‘sea’ of plastic created from hundreds of PET bottles that have been recomposed to evoke an underwater landscape. 

Breuer chair re-used by Massimiliano Locatelli

The iconic design chair Breuer has been re used through a process where an easily-produced, simple,and compact tool turns bottles into threads that have been put together and woven into a colorful pattern.To realize this chair have been used 20 plastic bottles of different colours.


The bottle fisherman by Arsenio Rodriguez:

Immersive installation that is a sea of plastic, reproduced with more than 20’000 PET bottles cut and recomposed to create an underwater landscape.


Maccabot vases by Maccagnani

Series of vases made of recycled plastic created with a technique called Dynamic Additive Moulding that generate 3D objects. This technology allows to hide those typical recycling process aestheticals flaws.


Crochet by Submarina Estudio

Crochet made out of repurposed plastic (shopping and rubbish bags), which are transformed into long strips that can be crocheted. The resulting pieces are lightweight and waterproof and can be reused year after year.


Wooden frames screen self by Massimiliano Locatelli

This wooden frame screen has been entirely produced out of scratch with the frames that artists use to protect and top off their artworks. These have been made precious through a process where an easily-produced, simple, and compact tool turns bottles into threads that have been put together and woven into a colorful pattern.



Tea Tables D-soban by Jongdae-Ryu

It is a small table or tray that features unique details with the motif of tile roof form of oriental traditional architecture. In particular, it contains a message to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the use of plastics by using environmentally friendly plastics extracted from corn
starch that can be recycled.