Fidenza Village

Thursday 8 August

A whispered word, the sound of an accordion or violin that evokes the magic of Paris, the fascinating stories of Greek and Latin mythology, together will captivate, charm and seduce the guests of the Village with tender love songs.

HUNGER?: contemporary circus
Have you ever thought about how the most common and trivial objects can, all of a sudden and if used in the right way, amuse, fascinate and amaze you? Come to see coat hangers and mannequins inexplicably brought to life – flying, changing and falling in love, making you laugh like children.

Where: Polo Ralph Lauren Children boutique area – Vivienne Westwood/West entrance
Times: 19.00–19.20; 20.10–20.30; 21.40–22.00


The acoustic and travelling marching band skilfully evokes the films of Kusturica, accompanied by juggling and theatre shows designed to make guests fall in love and transport them to the faraway places of the Balkan tradition.

Where: From the East entrance to the Main entrance
Time: 19.30–20.10
Where: From the West entrance to the Main entrance
Time: 21.00–21.40


​TRIO SANS BAGAGE: music band
A lively trio with an Italian-French repertoire that will make you fall in love with a mysterious and seductive woman, a singer who, like a bewitching siren, whispers words of love in our ears and who, somewhere, not far away, is talking about us.

Where: Armani boutique area and Versace boutique/East entrance
Times: 18.30–18.50; 20.40–21.00; 22.20–22.40


A LECTURE ON MYTH: intimate storytelling (see 25 July)
Vittorio Continelli will tell the story of love using a journey through time starting from Plato's Symposium interwoven with fables from classical mythology: Echo and Narcissus, Orpheus and Eurydice. It’s a perfect mix of legend, philosophy and poetry.

Where: Fabiana Filippi – Patrizia Pepe boutique area /East avenue
Times: 19.00–19.20; 20.20–20.40; 22.00–22.20