Fidenza Village

Thursday 27 June

To get up and go, to flee far away hand in hand with your love: discover the daring escapes of love along Route 66 and in the deepest oceans new worlds and new ways of recounting the important theme of our lives. 


Tunnina in love: is the greatest love story in the sea. It’s the touching tale of hundreds of giant tuna swimming in circles while thinking of love. This dance is symbolic of the chaotic life of man.

Where: Asics boutique area and Gran Vision boutique by Avanzi/East Avenue
Times: 19.30–19.50; 20.50–21.10; 22.10–22.30



YOU ARE AN UNKNOWN LANGUAGE: This completely innovative vision of traditional music is revisited by onomatopoeic songs and those the artist refers to as "from places I've never visited" and are a narrative metaphor of the inevitable drama of love, containing misunderstandings and reconciliations.

Where: Armani boutique area and Versace boutique/East entrance
Times: 19.00–19.30; 20.30–20.50; 21.50–22.10


​STATALE 66: Statale 66 has been the official band for the television programme Stracult since 2014. For the nostalgic among you and for fans of timeless film soundtracks, it’s a real dive into rock ’n’ roll's glorious past. It’s a musical escape starring the feeling of love.

Where: Main entrance
Times: 18.30–19.00; 20.10–20.30; 21.30–21.50


SUITORS IN PIECES: Suitors in pieces is a special edition of the street theatre show with Carlo Loiudice and Vito De Girolamo. Love is expressed by bursts of poetry. This theatrical show that focuses on love is served as a series of courses selected from a rich menu: the guests choose and play a sharing game!

Where: Polo Ralph Lauren Children boutique area - Vivienne Westwood/West entrance
Times: 20.00–20.20; 21.10–21.30; 22.30–22.50