Fidenza Village

Thursday 4 July

Explore love through the five senses and discover hidden pleasures. Experience an immersive evening of new and enveloping scents, images, sounds and flavours to find yourself in a parallel dimension of dreamy atmospheres. 

SWEET DREAMS: a comedy show that depicts pleasure and addiction through the metaphor of sugar. The rhythm will envelop the audience, accompanying them from a clown's comedy and a jester’s madness to an ironic seduction.

Where: Armani boutique area and Versace boutique/East entrance
Times: 19.30–19.50; 21.00–21.20; 22.10–22.30



ZASTAVA ORKESTAR: the acoustic and itinerant marching band skilfully evokes the films of Kusturica, accompanied by juggling and theatre shows designed to make guests fall in love and transport them to the faraway places of the Balkan tradition.

Where: From Restaurant Villano to the play area 
Times: 20.00–20.50
Where: From the West entrance to the Love Installation 
Times: 21.30–22.10



TUNNINA IN LOVE: Intimate stories hosted by Gaspare Balsamo (see Thursday 27 June)

Where: Fabiana Filippi – Patrizia Pepe boutique area /East avenue
Times: 19.00–19.20, 20.40–21.00, 22.30–22.50


GALIRO’: a musical show
It's a performance full of energy thanks to an extravagant, colourful and lively musical game. As the winner of the third prize at the Street Music Festival, this show is bursting with life.

Where: Polo Ralph Lauren Children boutique area – Vivienne Westwood/West entrance
Times: 18.30–19.00; 19.40–20.00; 22.10–22.30