Fidenza Village

Thursday 20 June

The subtle art of courtship is what makes the difference in an enduring love story: a flower, a song, a dance, a poem, designed to captivate the beloved and to discover the importance of falling in love every day of one's life. Come and meet the artists and their stories brought to life with wild rhythms, enchanting words, and acrobatics to enthrall you at first sight. 

​A FEELING OF LOVE: a concert for young children with ‘Mr Mustache’, a clumsy but polite character, who brings his courtship to the stage in a hilarious candlelit encounter.

Where: Polo Ralph Lauren Children boutique area – Vivienne Westwood/west entrance
Times: 18.30–19.00; 20.00–20.20; 21.20–21.40


The Marlon band:a marching band that travels all over the Village following the crazy and swirling rhythm of music and love. Sax, trumpet, ukulele and drums combine with wild joy to celebrate the unpredictability of love.

Where: Main Entrance
Times: 19.00–19.20; 20.20–20.40; 21.40–22.00


20 STRINGS: a music band with a warm and multicultural ‘gypsy jazz’ sound that unites diverse musicians in a project with colours of the past, but without losing sight of the work of contemporary artists.

Where: Asics boutique area and Gran Vision boutique by Avanzi/East Avenue

Times: 19.30–20.00; 21.00–21.20; 22.20–22.40


DUO KAOS: Acrobatic performances tell the story of a man and a woman meeting using a synchronised game in constant balance. By taking apart different catches and putting them back together, they keep finding ways of creating new actions.

Where: Armani boutique area and Versace boutique/East entrance
Times: 19.00-19.30; 20.40–21.00; 22.00–22.20



Let's celebrate the summer solstice with a DJ Set by Lele Sacchi, host of RAI Radio 2 In the Mix, who will liven up the evening with a unique show in which the theme of love is the star. Timeless disco tracks and brief interludes on her personal vision of love will continue the theme of the evening. Her repertoire ranges from Barry White, Donna Summer and Steve Silk Hurley to pure fun.

Where: Play area
Time: 22.30–1.30, sound music 1.30–2.00