Hard Candy Fitness

Hard Candy Fitness is a global brand of luxury fitness centres with a variety of locations around the world. The brand was created in 2009 by pop icon Madonna, in collaboration with New Evolution Ventures, a world leader in the fitness brand development.

It took more than two years to design and develop the format of the Club of the Republic in the heart of Milan, with an open space of 2,000 square metres. The Club’s architectural style was inspired by nineteenth-century factories, with cages surrounding the weight room, one of three training rooms inspired by a typical American basketball court, all constructed with concrete, mirrored copper and aged iron in a lavish Baroque style that makes this club something never seen before.
HCF Republic is the first club in Italy to have TecnhoGym machinery Artis line, the most innovative of the market. This is a different experience for the customer who seeks the union of technology, comfort and glamour.
The almost obsessive attention to the customer can be seen primarily in the female changing rooms, modelled on dressing rooms for the stars, for a fascinating and unique experience.