Violin Museum

Violin Museum: stories and emotions of five centuries of cremonese violinmaking

At the Violin Museum of Cremona visitors can explore five centuries of violinmaking in Cremona directly through the great master violinmakers and their instruments: Andrea Amati and his descendants; Antonio Stradivari; Giuseppe Guarneri “del Gesù” and his family; Lorenzo Storioni and Francesco Rugeri. No other museum in Europe can boast such an important and complete display of string instruments from the school of Cremona. The 19th and 20th centuries are documented through the work of the greatest Italian violinmakers of the time and the winners of the Triennial Competition, while in a series of dedicated spaces, the museum also pays significant tribute to contemporary violinmakers. Multimedia installations and a wealth of documentary displays allow everyone – from children to the most expert visitors – to enjoy an exciting and enthralling visit in which history and instruments, fragrances, sounds and images converge to give shape to stories, dreams and emotions.

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